Cloud Hosting & Domain Security

We provide cloud hosting services through Azure. This ensures your application has secure & fast resources by doing many security majors including SSL Certificate for Secure Connections. We also support our clients’ needs 24/7 with superior performance and load times. Our hosting plans are 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Various Plans to Meet your Needs

Our plans vary so you can rely on us to do all the publishing along with our cloud hosting, or you have your own host with control panel provided from a vendor of your choice. Our team will ensure 24/7 network security.

Website Backup Options

Our web team can provide automatic website backup options in order to restore your data with a single click. This service applies to all our plans.

Supportive to Various Environments

All clients are free to choose and construct their websites with more than 20 apps & environment including: ASP.Net Core, ReactJS, WordPress, etc...

Reflect your Business Nature on your Domain

With a quite east process, you can choose your domain name to reflect your business name. This includes booking domains with global extensions such as .com, .net, .biz, .xyz, .health, .me, .shop and others.